"Noticeable reduction of hair loss" ★★★★★

I am now on my third month of taking HR23+ hair supplement, and the results have been positive, so far. I have noticed a mark reduction in hair loss, and a clear increase in the thickness of my hair. Additional things have I have noticed are that my nails grow quicker and are stronger. 
- James Keane, East London.

"The change in my hair was amazing" ★★★★★

I am delighted with the HR23+ tablets. The change in my hair was amazingly wonderful and quick. I am almost 61 and after taking the HR23+ tablets all this year, my hair is so thick that it's unbelievable, and I feel like I have my 'teenager' hair back again. I'm happy with the HR23+ tablets because they are so effective. I never thought I'd be able to have thick hair again.
- Judith Connelly, Hackney, London.

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"A brilliant product that works" ★★★★★

HR23+ is a good product that works, but it is a little bit expensive. - ID 1456. I have been using this supplement for a couple of years in addition to the serum. It works well for me and has certainly slowed down the hair fall, and my hair is thicker.
 - Stacy Spencer, on Quora.

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"It takes time, but it works" ★★★★★

After three months of taking HR23+ supplement, to my disappointment, I noticed very little changes to my hair. However, I decided to stick to it for another three months, in the hope that I might eventually see some improvements in my hair. After about five months, I started noticing some visible changes in my hair. I wasn't losing anywhere near as much hair as normal, and my hair became thicker and stronger. I couldn't quite believe what was happening. At the six month stage, my hair started growing faster and fuller, and looking more like it was at the time before I started having issues with hair loss. This treatment does take time, but in my case, with patience and persistence, it truly does work. 
- Angela Freedman, United Kingdom.

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"What an amazing product" ★★★★★

I ordered the supplement and serum starter pack for my husband as he was losing a lot of hair daily, and these amazing natural capsules have stopped the shedding of his hair, and it's starting to look and feel a lot thicker again. HR23+ is very impressive. 
Would highly recommend.

 - Kabe, on Google Reviews.

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"Remarkable" ★★★★★

The results that can be achieved from using HR23+ continuously, are quite remarkable. This is,  by far, the most impressive hair supplement that I have come across in all my twelve plus years of working in the hair loss sector. 
 - David Griffiths, from The Hair Loss Review Centre.

"The best hair supplement" ★★★★★

I have suffered from male pattern baldness since my mid 20s. I have tried loads of treatments from pills and topical lotions, to shampoos and medications - you name it, I've tried it. Nothing worked particularly well, until I tried HR23+. I've now been taking HR23+ for around eight years, and I am so pleased with this supplement. It has halted my hair loss, and allowed me to enjoy life without worrying about my hair. 
 - K. Ashton, from United Kingdom.

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"This is a great product" ★★★★★

I used HR23+ supplement for 11 weeks. I can feel short, spiky hairs all throughout my scalp, and my hair is growing noticeably faster. I am also noticing that my hairline is fuller, stronger, and more resilient. This product is a great defence for anybody who is experiencing problems with their hair. I cannot recommend this highly enough.
 - Bradley Roderick, on YouTube.

Bradley Roderick HR23+ review

"Top notch" ★★★★★

Really good product and excellent customer service. This company is top notch! 
 - Graeme Samways, from United Kingdom.

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"Very good feedback" ★★★★★

We offer various medical and non-medical hair loss treatments to our male and female patients. We added HR23+ hair supplement to our treatment list last year, and many of our patients have been delighted with the improvements in their hair from using HR23+ hair supplement. HR23+ has exceeded all my expectations, and I would certainly regard this product as one of the most effective on the market.
Alison Hill, The Hair Loss Clinic. 

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"Great product" ★★★★★

I suffered from male baldness for years, and nothing helped. Then I tried HR23+ supplement and the rest is history! My hair looks and feels better than it has done in years. Absolutely love this product would recommend it nightly.
 - jyStout119, on ReviewCentre.

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